Completing the gutting of the motor home….

After stuffing ourselves with a delicious meal enjoyed with Fritz and Jayson, (our roommate and his son), we were pretty docile until yesterday and today. Our goal prior to the end of the holiday weekend was to get the remaining obstacles gutted out of the RV to facilitate our removal of the walls and roof. These items mostly consisted of some remaining carpet near the cab over area, and a few windows and vents. The largest obstacle was the rotted out floor over the cab area, and discovering how the fiberglass molded piece that attaches the motor home to the cab was fastened. It was not terribly complicated; it was just screwed into the 1″ x 1″ wood pieces bordering the wall connection. We did not know it was fiberglass until today when we removed the rotted wood concealing it. This is great news, as fiberglass is very strong and flexible, especially compared to plastic. Karuna and I made quick work of the remaining parts of the gut project and now we anxiously await our aluminum for the framework.

We will begin welding our aluminum frames together as soon as we have the materials. We would like to get the sides and roof frame complete and installed prior to our upcoming holiday road trip. Our goal may be a little aggressive, but we will see. We only have a couple of weeks until we take off, but we will be eager to get back into the project upon our return. The pictures below are of the cab over section, and will show you how it is put together, where the rot typically occurs, and how everything is attached. Enjoy!


Two hard days of rv interior tear out…..

Karuna has laid out the details on our acquisition… (not named as of yet, but we will come up with the name when it comes to us 😉  )

Our initial feeling was to get rid of the old and smelly carpet and to brighten it up inside. We assumed that there would need to be some serious upgrades and cleaning and repairing; but this very rapidly became a tear out and remodel. We were very surprised to find that the wall and roof framework is similar, if not the same, to a travel trailer. All wood wall studs and roof rafters that are so small that I could not bear to drive this down the highway with this knowledge. We only learned this much because as we cleaned and went deeper; we found that several of these measly structural components were rotted beyond recognition. This initial major change has again escalated to the necessity to actually build new walls and a roof for our beloved adventure machine. Basically, we will weld new wall panel frames together, and then skin them with aluminum sheeting. This will be pretty thick and strong; we are currently thinking of going with 1/8″ thickness. Since we are going this far into this project, we also decided to “modify” the original dimensions to make it a little more comfortable and practical for long term road trips. We are increasing the interior height from the current 5′-11″ to 7’5″ in the front cab over section, sloping down 6″ to 6’11” in the back. We are installing a full shower with 6′ 3″ head clearance and a tile floor. We are also extending the cab over 1′ forward which will give us a sleeping area of 5′ 4″ x 6′ 9″ with a comfortable 3′ 6″ head clearance on top of our 6″ thick mattress. We are going to push the tail out 6″ to accommodate a nice “L” kitchen area. We will post anything out of the ordinary that we run into and we will post lots of photos of this process. If you have suggestions, ideas, or criticisms, please feel free to share. Thank you and have a great holiday dinner! Until our next chapter……