Getting ready to get momentum going again!

Sincere apologies for going ghost for a few months. I know that I had written in previous posts that we were shooting for some time windows to be finished with the RV. As you know, if you have read our blog from the beginning, we live in the Florida Keys and we had a massive and devastating hurricane hit us barely 9 months ago. Hurricane Irma was the first, and hopefully the last, major storm I have ever experienced in my life. We evacuated from the Keys and returned to a nearly alien landscape from when we departed. It has been a long and difficult recovery that is still in progress. There are still several hundred families displaced that lost their homes, as well as several hundred families living in trailers in their yards as they try to figure out how to repair their homes. Luckily for us, we rent our home and it happens to be a solid concrete wall and floors elevated construction. The house made it through the storm with minimal in comparison damage; new roof, some water intrusion but mostly cosmetic. During the clean up, we worked very long hours cutting down trees, moving heavy things all over the place, and our business work became unmanageably busy. All of the extra activity has severely agitated an arm injury that I have had for a couple of years. Severe tendonitis of my elbow, with a minor case of tendonitis in my shoulder as a result of the elbow strain. Through my own ignorance and stupidity of refusing to listen to my body, I had agitated my elbow to the point that I could not eat with my right hand. The pain was too extreme to bend it enough to reach my mouth. Sleeping was a ton of fun too, as every time I move incorrectly I am awakened by a sharp and stabbing pain in my arm and elbow. My darling Karuna also gets to enjoy me waking up when I roll incorrectly on my arm. I have researched this injury, (“tennis elbow”), and what I have found is discouraging. Most websites describe this injury as a chronic condition that can be made better through the reduction of pain and inflammation chemically; and sometimes may be improved upon with surgery and pills. I did not find these solutions anything that I was interested in pursuing, and after being told more than a couple of times to consider acupuncture; I finally did.

I have been receiving treatment from an acupuncturist that is amazing, and her methods have given me more pain relief and mobility than I have experienced in six months time. She is a Doctor and she went through many years of education to earn her degree. I have received four treatments thus far and I cannot believe the improvement that I have had in these four short weeks. I am approaching 50% recovery, and to let you know the contrast, it was only four weeks ago that I still could not even eat with my right hand. This is very inconvenient when you injure your dominant hand and it forces you to realize how helpful it would have been to become ambidextrous when I was young. Currently, I can feed myself, brush my teeth, do some labor for short periods, and very light duty for almost a whole day with only minor discomfort. My doctor says that I will recover completely with a disciplined regiment of stretching and strength training of my arm muscles. Secondarily, the lesson(s) that I have learned and am learning about maintenance and patience are invaluable. Don’t overdue it, stretch properly and thoroughly prior to rigorous activity, get plenty of rest and relaxation, and nourish your body well. With age comes wisdom, experience, and knowledge; but it also comes with aches, pains, and our bodies’ refusal to continue to allow us to abuse it!!! I want to share this information for anyone with tendonitis or any other muscular or tendon injuries that you are told cannot be fixed without surgery and drugs. Some things require these drastic measures but acupuncture performed by a licensed doctor is for me, and can be for anyone, just as if not more effective than conventional medical treatment; I am living proof. Look for our soon to come posts as we dive back into our wonderful project, and we apologize for the delay!