Our Toy motor home build is back in motion!!!

Happy New Year! We are very excited to dig into our project and to get closer to our motor home adventures!

Prior to our holiday break we had started to lay out our first side wall design. Perhaps we were hastily quenching our desire to get started on the project; as we pretty much changed directions upon our return. We rethought our height requirements and interior space which brought us back a little closer to the “mini” motor home mentality. We are completing our first side wall this weekend, including the proper layout for the entry door and windows. We are very happy with our shape and size that we are moving forward with. The interior head room is 6′ 6″ where the cab over meets the main motor home camping body, and the roof slopes down toward the front and the rear. The 6′ 6″ point is the peak and the sloping design is to provide adequate runoff of water from the roof; both fore and aft. We also improved the aerodynamic shape of the cab over nose with hopes of maintaining the current mileage, at the very least. The photo below shows the frame of the passenger side wall. We are using 1″ x 2″ rectangular aluminum tubing for the frame work in heavy wall, (approximately 1/8″ thick), and light wall, (approximately 1/16″ thick). The heavier gauge tubing is used on the structural members that will provide support in the cab over section, next to the entry door, and along the rear that will support bike racks, a ladder, and possibly other storage options. We are weighing the frame as we construct the vehicle and will keep track of our gross weight.

We will post more photo’s as we progress, as well as a timeline photo record as we get much farther along. IMG_8273